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Practice Plus

Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus uses Practice Plus Group’s resilient clinical call centre infrastructure and innovative technologies to provide virtual and clinical administrative practice resource. We can:

  • Ensure you maximise all NHS funded skill mix opportunities as early as possible through access to shared functions and workforce, letting you hit the targets and objectives which matter.
  • Offer access to shared resources at the levels your PCN needs, without increasing your headcount. We can help protect you from ongoing fixed costs and liabilities if your needs or funding availability changes.
  • Enable you to balance clinical resources and access across the practices in your PCN in an agile and cost-effective way.
  • Make use of Practice Plus Group’s established data sharing agreements and governance processes to make sure you’re fully compliant once all patients have direct access to all the services provided by your network.
  • Improve your efficiency by embedding clinically robust telephone consultations, triage and self-care advice, to create new capacity and offer longer face-to-face consultations to those patients who need them.
  • Give you immediate virtual access to both prescribing pharmacists and social prescribing pathways at the levels you need.
  • Customise a service delivery model to support and complement your network and the individual practices within it, and contribute to wider local healthcare quality and access.

Our service delivery modules

We can offer a number of functional modules, which singly or in combination have the resilience to meet the demands on PCNs. Our service modules include:

  • Call handling
  • Clinical consultations
  • A skills mix of clinical and non-clinical professionals
  • Governance and regulatory expertise
  • Administration and support


Contact us

For more information on how Practice Plus can help your network please contact our team at practice.assist@nhs.net.

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