Using social media as a tool for positivity

With many of us not able to see loved ones at the moment, social media is a great tool for seeing what each other have been up to and keeping in touch.

However, social media can lack the emotional connection we require, accidentally waste a lot of time and make us compares ourselves against others. All of which, can have a negative effect on our mental wellbeing.

Here’s a few ways to get the most out of your social media channels and create a more positive, and safe environment the next time you log on:

Think about why you have social media

Sometimes we forget the reason why we signed up in the first place. Was it to connect with family? Promote yourself or your business? Or to find likeminded others? Remembering why you signed up to social media initially, will help you to see whether you’re using it the way you want to be using it.

Social media detox

If there is a certain person, page, company or group you follow on social media that tends to make you feel bad then hit the unfollow button. By clearing out your social media, you’ll be left with the best of it and what you really want to see.

Limit your social media time

On average, people spend over 2 hours a day on social media and for many of us it can feel like a complete waste of time. This can then lead to feelings of lack of accomplishment and fatigue. Setting a limit for how long you spend on social media means you’ll have more time to get on with the more important things in your life.

Promote things you care about

Social media is a fantastic place for raising awareness of important issues. Try using it as your voice to inform and educate your followers about something that really interests you.

Join communities of similar interests

There’s bound to be a group out there celebrating something you like, no matter how niche it is. So if you love to talk about your favourite film, sport or even your favourite biscuit, there will be someone else out there wanting to talk about it too!

With everything happening in the world, social media shouldn’t be another thing to be worrying about. So, in conclusion, remember to detox and look for positive content that lifts your mood.

 COVID-19 (coronavirus) alert

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