Opportunities for GP partners

Your improved comprehensive NHS GP service

Your improved comprehensive NHS GP service

Lead the change in primary care

Apply your talents more widely

Our flexible hours and locations make it possible to balance varied interests in a ’portfolio career’, from research or personal projects to other healthcare roles, either independently for the NHS or within Care UK

Plan your future

Without the usual partnership planning issues and financial liabilities, you can enjoy an unobstructed path to retirement or flexible part-time practice that’s not only more rewarding but much easier to schedule and control.

Concentrate on care

Working with us can reduce your existing management and administrative commitments, including the future planning of medical resources, allowing you to focus on delivering primary care while maintaining continuity of GP services to your patients.

Discover the benefits of modern working

With the adoption of new modern working methods and an established clinical network there are hugely rewarding opportunities to explore with flexible home working, and delivering online and phone consultations.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the Practice Plus model and get answers to many of the questions you may have, simply request one of our brochures.